Thank God for Treason

Friday, July 4, 2008


Thank God for Treason.

Thank God for men and women who saw Tyranny and felt a Loss of Freedom, and refused to whine softly from their homes.

Thank God for the loud cries that rose up from those who felt the burden of an oppressive government, and stood with each other to change it. Even when that change put them opposite loved ones on opinions and battlefields.

I am blessed beyond measure to live in a country where I can Thank God, and the neighbor to my left can Thank Allah, while the one to my right doesn’t even believe in a Higher Power to thank, but we all celebrate today when we were first given the freedom to live our lives as we each see fit.

My prayer today is that my Caterpillars grow up to be men who have to discreetly wipe tears from their eyes on July 4th every year, when we honor the men and women who gave up their lives to give us this life.

I wonder how many of those ordinary families realized that by committing treason over 230 years ago, they would form the strong foundation for this place I now live and raise my family.

If I am every called upon to make the same choice, may I be as strong as my forefathers, and leave a legacy as amazing.

“Whether I am hung as a traitor or hailed as a patriot, let me die knowing that I stood for what was right and just in the world.”

~Lone Butterfly )i(