How I Roll

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Keetha blogged on Tuesday about her toilet paper roll - asserting that it was the one and only correct way (she even threw out some physics and stuff).

Then, she found out she was in the minority. Now, I'll stand on my soapbox and preach about almost anything, but in this case, I thought I would just post a picture of how I choose to roll.

And even though 73% of Americans apparently ALSO roll my way, I'll kindly allow Keetha to continue in her delusional lifestyle without my comments.

Keetha, if I am ever privileged enough to visit your home, I promise not to "fix" your roll.

Even though that means that I can't make my little hotel point. ;)

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keetha said...

OK - - - the proof is on my blog!!!


Meredith said...

I roll your way... :)

drakien69 said...

Hahaa...I'm with keetha on this one. Coming home once to find out that the kitties had figured out how to *whap* the roll and make the TP come off (which was apparently entertaining enough to do it to an ENTIRE NEW ROLL)...well needless to say, mine rolls the other way. I'll agree, for aesthetics, you win. But for unsupervised mischievous entities, we rule.

Keri said...

You may not "fix" her rolls but I do! HEHEHE :)