Scouting for Food

Monday, February 25, 2008


B-10's Cub Scout Pack, along with many other Scouting Packs, participated in Scouting for Food this February. The idea is that most churches and civic organizations hold food drives in November and December, which is wonderful. However, come February/March the food pantries are hurting for food, and don't have near the amount of drives going on.

Cub Scouts traditionally collect food in February, and this year B-10's Pack collected over 382 items. Which were all loaded in the back of my Explorer...and the middle of my Explorer...and the front passenger seat of my Explorer!

Husband unloaded everything into our living room yesterday, while B-10 and CW helped me sort for a while. Then Husband and I packed the sorted items into bags/boxes and reloaded my Explorer.

Today B-10, CW, and another boy, who is also homeschooled, came with me and the Committee Chair to the Lilburn Co-op to drop off the food. The boys had their picture taken in the food pantry where the actual "grocery shopping" occurs.

Our Committee Chair (who's job I will be taking over sometime between June and October), was able to see their overflow room, which was full - especially after we unloaded our donation. Even then, however, the volunteers said they would go through everything by Easter. More than 5 families came in for donations just in the few minutes we were there.

I know the boys don't totally understand yet exactly what they are doing, but my hope is that they grow up knowing that helping is just what we do. No matter what, not matter when.

~Lone Butterfly )i(