Thursday, January 29, 2009


Baby Larva had an incredible feeding at 9 pm!

Hubby and I went down to scrub in and then Hubby learned how to take her temperature and properly change her diaper (we have to save them for NICU to weigh - everything in or out is measured).

She then was unwrapped from her swaddle and handed to me in my wheelchair for Kangaroo Care. She immediately latched on and nursed excellently for 45 minutes! This is wonderful!

Mum (Cookie) and I will return every three hours tonight (midnight, 3 am, 6 am) to continue feeding her - or more often if she screams.

This was an incredible development, since she hasn't really eaten all day long. If she continues eating this well, we might actually see her leave the NICU before we're discharged from the hospital on Sunday!

Thank you for your continued prayers.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

(Also: a very special "Thank You" to Hubby's family - His Aunts and Uncles sent flowers and his Grandmother "D" brought a beautiful arrangement with her.)


Laurie said...

She is so beautiful!!! Great news on the feeding! That's wonderful! You both are never far from my thoughts and prayers,

Keetha said...

Beautiful, joyful pictures!

Edelweiss said...

Great news! You all are in our thoughts, and we're praying that she'll be out of the NICU soon.


Meredith said...

YAY for the good feeding!!! She is so beautiful and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting her... and I'm looking forward to seeing you later today! ((hugs))

Life throws you surprises! said...

Finally got a chance to read everything and look at the pictures again....she is so beautiful!!! I am sorry you are having to go through so much and not being able to just enjoy your sweet little girl. I know everything is being done in her best interest. I know you will be excited to take her home and be done with the hospital. I hope your recovery is going smoothly and you are getting alittle rest. See you soon...much love.

Melanie said...

That's fantastic sweetie, and she is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm also glad that daddy made it through everything without having a stroke. *grin*

Love you!

Crystal said...

Congratulations..she's beautiful. I hope she continues to do well and is able to go home soon.