Frank & Dixie's New House!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Frank, Sr. and Dixie, Sr (not to be confused with Frank and Dixie - the Juniors who are dogs) just bought a house.  While B10 and CW were visiting their dad in Kentucky, we went over to help them do some remodeling.
The house was a rental, a beautiful 4 bedroom home, rental, that shows signs of being a rental.  Frank and Dixie really want to make it their home, and we were overjoyed to start helping!

These are the before pictures, hopefully, I'll be able to show after pictures someday before Spring.  :)
GO loved being with her Aunt Dixie and Uncle Frank.

She thought Uncle Frank was a cutie-pie!  Every time he walked into the room, she gave him sweet eyes and tried to climb into his lap.
More pictures to come - epecially after the fence is put in and the puppies and boys get to play together in the backyard!

~Lone Butterfly )i(