Christmas Lights

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Every year, we always enjoy at least one night driving around looking at Christmas Lights.

GO wasn't feeling well (we spent yesterday morning in the ER, she had a 104.5 degree fever), but after a warm bath (and showers for the boys) - everyone bundled up in their jammies.

We hopped in the car and headed to Publix for dinner.  CW went inside with me, and helped pick out Pizza Lunchables for himself and B10.

Hubby had a turkey and swiss sub sandwich.

While I decided on chicken tenders - a delicious choice.

GO fell asleep quickly, and being all clean and warm in her pjs she seemed much happier than she had been.  I'm so glad her fever is gone!

We had a great drive, instead of Starbucks Hot Chocolate this year (we are trying to pinch pennies) - we got two large cups of mocha from QuikTrip and split those into our Starbucks mugs.  B10 acutally thought it was BETTER than Starbucks (totally can't believe that...but at least it's cheaper)!

Then, we drove home to our own beautiful home with our Christmas Tree lighting up the bay window.  We are going again, but as B10 pointed out - this is a great family tradition.

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Meredith said...

YAY for wonderful family traditions! I can't wait to start ours with Sprout.

OH and LOVE the second picture with B10 and GO looking at each other. :) too cute. I'm so glad the sweet girl is feeling better!!!


BooSheep said...

I love looking at Christmas lights! We haven't done that yet this holiday season, maybe tonight?! :)