On the Fourth Day - I made a Discovery...

Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, we ended up not going to bed until 11 pm last night – and I got the giggles with B10, who kept cracking knock-knock jokes even after the lights were out. We didn’t read any of our book, but did watch the first Harry Potter together while we ate popcorn – which was a bonding experience in itself.

This morning worked out okay, I had brought along powdered doughnuts, but B10 asked for a bagel and apple juice before early church. We made it to church 5 minutes early for the 8:30 am service, however the Pastor and rest of the congregation didn’t mosey in until 8:45 am. B10 managed to remain quiet for most of the service and I didn’t subject him to the local Sunday School. I guess I had expected a much more visitor friendly atmosphere, since it was a church that claimed to be “a host to the nations” and was located on Parkway.

We walked over to River Road to Christus Gardens, taking a tour with a church group from West Tennessee. It was a very moving experience, I especially loved watching B10’s face as he saw each diorama light up and as he heard the voices speak the Word of God. I mean, it was still a “cheesy – 1960’s attraction”, but it spoke to the heart of the Gospel message.

B10 wanted tacos for lunch, so we stopped at “No Way, Jose” – which included a 10 minute argument over why I was pronouncing the word “Jose” wrong, before my beloved son finally accepted that it’s pronounced differently in Spanish.

After lunch B10 did one math worksheet and we headed out to Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains. It’s a 20 mile drive out there, through the National Forest, which has a speed limit of 35 mph, so it wasn’t a quick drive. We passed the time by singing songs, I love teaching him new ones and I REALLY love hearing him sing. He’s definitely a musical kid, as is CW.

Cades Cove was awesome, I hope we can come back when it’s warmer so we can spend more time driving through and do some of the hikes. I thought it was cool to see the three small churches on the driving loop and B10 was able to see a small group of deer. He ended up taking almost 75 pictures on the trip.

We drove back to the hotel and B10 finished his math book (YAY!). He’s ready to take his big Book Unit Test when we get home on Monday (or with my Mum on Wednesday). I called and talked to Fiancé on the phone for a few minutes, before we headed out to do our last little bit of shopping (to be detailed in another blog entry), eat dinner at Wendy’s, and go Miniature golfing once more to finish out our stay in Gatlinburg.

B10 came back to play with his toys a bit more in the room while we watched Dirty Jobs. He’s all excited about being able to take a shower (for as long as he wants) and has done a great job of picking up his stuff and helping me pack it up.

I was going to load the car tonight, but I think as long as I have everything together, I will just do it tomorrow morning. There’s no rush! I plan on sleeping until we are ready to wake up, then eating breakfast and checking out. The drive back should be pretty straightforward. I know we may stop a few times in the Great Smokies again, especially if it’s warm so B10 can wade in the stream a bit more. I also may stop at one of the Gem Mining places so B10 can pan for “gold”.

I miss CW and Fiancé – and as glad as I am to have spent this time with B10 – I can’t wait to be a true homeschooling family, where I’m not having to work every day and both the boys are at home with me.

This has been an awesome five days. I’ve learned so much about B10, like the fact that his favorite color has changed. He said it use to be green, but he’s leaning towards blue now. I learned that he’s got a wicked sense of humor and that he listens to everything on the radio. (Which means I have to explain a lot more than I use too!) He’s like a sponge, absorbing everything both good and bad. He’s very sensitive, to me and to strangers. His love language is touch, he’s always wanting to snuggle and hug – and when I take the time to be with him, I can see an almost immediate improvement in his happiness level, because I’m right there to wrap my arms around him.

He’s growing up, becoming so trustworthy and he’s just an AMAZING kid. I tell him all the time that he’s my favorite B10 in the whole world – and he really, truly is!

~Lone Butterfly


Life throws you surprises! said...

I hope you can stay home too so we can plan some cool homeschool vacations to do together. Your trip sounded like so much fun and I can't wait to do more of those things with my girls. I am planning a big trip for the summer so that should make up for the few trips we have done this year!