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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sing along, folks!

Okay, so it's TUESDAY for the rest of the world, but for me - Tuesday is Monday, because I work Tuesday through Saturday.

Except this week!

B10 and I are taking a special Homeschool field trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. FOR FIVE DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS! And I've got so many things planned!

Reading: Bridge to Terebitha, One Year of Devotions for Boys, Bookworm Adventures (computer game)

Science: A day at Cade's Cove (Great Smokey Mountains), Ripley's Aquarium

Math: Grade One: Book 9, Telling Time

Writing: Daily Journal

Religion: Family Verse (review), Lord's Prayer (review), The Love Passage (learn), Cristus Gardens

Social Studies/Geography: Reading maps, compass, history of the Tennessee Mountain Community

Music: We are learning new worship songs and B10 is suppose to work on learning music for the church children's musical

Art: Oh! The opportunities for art! This is B10's struggle area and I'm hoping to engage him with hands on activities.

And of course - we'll take lots of pictures, B10 has asked to learn to use the digital camera (which, in itself is a form of art...) and it's SO easy to let him snap away then delete the pictures that don't work! We only print what we want.

We leave early Thursday morning, assuming I can finish packing Wednesday night. I'm SO EXCITED!

The truth is I miss my caterpillars. I had two little ones expecting to be a stay-at-home-mum to them. I know I should be grateful that I was able to spend the first three years with B10 and the first year with CW, but I MISS them now that I'm at work. B10 is homeschooled, with many thanks to my own Mum who helps me. CW likely will be also, though we'll send him to public Kindergarten, just as we did with B10, before making a decision. But I miss being at home.

My trust rests solely in the Lord - He will protect my children in my absence.

~Lone Butterfly


Life throws you surprises! said...

photpgraphy counts as ART so maybe that will be his thing :)