Eragon and Eldest

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So, part of me feels like if I'm going to make an effort to read books this year, then I should be writing some sort of book report afterwards. Like back in school where you would answer questions (or perhaps I should find my extra shoeboxes and make a diorama).

The two books I just finished reading are Eragon and Eldest, the first two books in the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini. The story of the author is almost as fascinating as the books. He was a homeschooled kid who graduated from High School at 15 and began writing. He's currently only 23 years old, and finishing up the final book in the trilogy. (We also share the same birthday - WOOHOO for November babies!)

I enjoyed Eragon and Eldest because they embraced the fantasy world I enjoy, especially dragons. I found it interesting on another level, because you can almost see the religious issues that Christopher is dealing with in real life shown in the religious issues that Eragon (and the dwarves and the elves) deal with.

On a scale of one to ten, I give these two books an eight - and I would feel comfortable reading them aloud to B10. It has no "bad" language, very little "sex" (it's mostly immature feelings of love and how they are communicated between the characters), but does involve much death. This doesn't bother me, as the death and bloodshed are not graphic, and the characters deal with it (usually painfully). It's not glossed over. I can appreciate the author asking the reader to deal with the emotional turmoil along with Eragon and his cousin. Overall a great read.

Links to the official websites of the books: Eragon and Eldest


Lisa said...

My 11yo dd just finished both of those books, and also some companion guide. She loooooooved them. You have good taste, cuz she is a discriminating reader. (She also finished re-reading the last HP book, again, just this Sunday.)

I'm thinking she'd love some of that fanfiction you blog about. Do you know of any sites suitable for children (whose mother swears like a sailor)?

Her Mother

Lone Butterfly said...

I would advise you to read ANY Fanfiction she wants to read before she does. If she is old enough to appreciate good writing (which I'm guessing she is), she will be drawn to the adult-age writers which usually means a more adult themed HP story.

I would be glad to reccomend a few stories for you to check out. :) I'll post that as my next blog. :D