Car Show at Church

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Our church has a car show every year, put on by the Men's Ministry, to raise money for the KidzLife program. We headed out their early, to take in the cars (and trucks, and VWs, and other assorted vehicles).I was surprised by how much B10 and CW enjoyed looking at the cars. I knew Hubby would like it!

GO basically rode in her stroller, until we got to the children's area. Then we let her bounce with her brothers in the bounce-house.

Hubby and I got everyone lunch from the Texas Roadhouse Truck - then we sat outside to eat.
B10 and CW sat inside and listened to the excellent music.
As we left, we took photos with our favorite cars.
We are already talking about next year! I'll have to look for more car shows to take the Caterpillars to!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


life, in recipes said...

Looks like fun.

There's an air show at Dobbins coming up soon (in October) that I think we're going to - you guys should join us!

Little Rose said...

How fun! Great pictures! Love you guys ... M