Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The 8th night of Chanukah will begin at sundown tonight, and it’s the first night this year the boys won’t be home to light the candle. They are spending the night at my sister, Boo’s, house. Her husband, Firefighter, is out fighting fires and won’t be home, so they are going to keep her company.

Last night, right before they went to bed, we sat around the kitchen table eating dessert (CW had baked cookies and B10 had baked an apple crisp – both very yummy) and we talked about Judah Maccabee and his father, Mattathias, and how God provides for us in our time of need.

This is the first year CW can actually understand the true story, not just bits and pieces. Due to the fact that we’ve just moved into our (still not all together finished) house, we weren’t able to have friends over for dinner any night, and the latkes will have to wait for Thursday night, but this was still a very special holiday for us as a family. It was our first Chanukah together as a family.

Last night, amid the giggling and slurping of melting ice cream and the spilled drops of milk, I realized how lucky I was to have children who don’t have to fit in with everyone else. B10 never questioned why we have a menorah in our window, when most of the other people on our street (or our neighborhood, or town) have one. CW doesn’t wonder why the other kids in his class don’t also know the story of how Antiochus IV oppressed the Israelites.

They listen and ask questions, and it excites me to see them slowing growing in faith.

Tomorrow morning, early, I’ll begin putting away the menorah, carefully packing it in it’s box. I’ll place it in the attic, where it will sit until December 21st of next year (it’s a later Chanukah in 2008). But the lessons my sons have learned will stay with them, forever.

Jehovah Jira, My Provider,
His Grace Is Sufficient for Me, for Me, for Me.
Jehovah Jira, My Provider,His Grace Is Sufficient for Me.
My God Shall Supply All My Needs
According to His Riches in Glory.
He Gives His Angels Charge over Me.
Jehovah Jira Cares for Me, for Me, for Me.
Jehovah Jira Cares for Me.
~Lone Butterfly )i(