Sunday, August 19, 2007


CW's new Kindergarten teacher visited our home today to meet CW and the rest of the family (including the kitties). He was able to see pictures of the other kids in his class (6 boys and 8 girls) and show Mrs. B how he could read his favorite book and his Cars lunchbox.

He was very sweet and brought out his stuffed puppy to introduce her to Mrs. B. He also did cartwheels for her in the living room. Mrs. B stayed for about 30 minutes and answered all of our questions. CW asked her if she "randomly" assigned seats and we all giggled when she had to explain that she did seat assignments strategically.
He has 9 days to go before Kindergarten starts - and he CAN'T WAIT! I can't believe he's already this old!
~Lone Butterfly )i(


Aunt said... kindergarden....already. crazy! WHERE have the years gone?! He's getting so grown up! Give him a great big starting-kindergarden hug from me. And one for B-10 too of course! :)