The Lake House

Monday, June 4, 2007


For Memorial Day Weekend we celebrated with Fiance's family. The two of us drove down with B-10 and CW to hang out with all the cousins (5 girls - and another on the way!), two aunts, two uncles, and even more extended family. There were 22 people there at one point.

The boys and I camped out on the front lawn in our beautiful Coleman Tent. It's large enough for both boys to sleep on their cots and for Fiance and I to sleep in sleeping bags, me between the boys and him in front of the zippered door (to prevent midnight escapes).

I was hesitant, but really enjoyed myself. The boys had a blast, just as I expected. One Sunday morning, before we drove down, Fiance had taken us all to Target to purchase them their own water shoes and life jackets - which they didn't take off unless they were sleeping! Tuesday evening we had to drag them inside to put on clothes to wear home. :)

My favorite part of the entire weekend was one of our trips out on the boat (we took seven). Fiance and his youngest brother got into the raft behind the boat, while the three oldest children (B-10, CW, and their oldest girl cousin: Princess Flower), curled up on the seats. Fiance's stepfather and I stood and talked while he drove them around. The kids ended up falling asleep and napping for almost an hour, while Stepfather drove the boat through the lake and up the Chattahoochee River.

On the way back we woke the kids and I took a turn with each of them. As I was holding on to the raft, speeding behind the boat at somewhere between 2500 and 3000 RPM, I closed my eyes and let the water softly spray my face. It was so easy to relax and let him drive, knowing that I had no control over where the boat went or how fast.

How is it that I can so easily trust another human being, but struggle with doing the same with God? Stepfather could have easily had an accident, throwing me and whichever child I had in the raft into the air and painfully hitting the water. Yet I could lay my head back and hold on tightly to the handles and not even worry.

God is so much more trustworthy! He guides my life - if I could simply remember to hold on and relax I could enjoy so much more of what He has planned for me. Instead I spend my time yelling out instructions and trying to direct the raft myself. Inevitable I tip over, and try to blame God, when in fact - I was the one not doing what I was suppose to do.

My prayer today is that I can allow God to be in control, and give Him the trust that He deserves, while doing what I need to do in obedience to Him!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Matt said...

Great post, baby! I know exactly what you mean. Why is sometimes so hard to let go and let God take care of everything?

I've loved that time in the tube cruising down the river, leaning back and looking at the sky; not a worry to be found. It was glorious! I can't wait 'til we have a chance to go back. I still want a chance to ride in the tube with you. :)

I love you!

Life throws you surprises! said...

What a great weekend! can't wait to go back without a baby inside me...somewhat limiting. Still had fun and hope that it won't be the only time this year that we are all down there although I am fearing it will be. AT least Princess Flower gets to go back.

I'm not sure I trust stepfather-in-law with the boat and me in the tube. Not sure how you could relax....usually I am in the tube praying that I survive.