Snow? HERE?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


But it was 70 degrees earlier this week!

They threatened the snow, but we didn't belive them! Yet, here it appears...

Late Wednesday Evening the snow began to fall. We had already decided not to go to church, due to the icy road conditions and I've been so tired lately that I was concerned about driving with them in the car.

We were sitting at the table eating dinner when they saw it start, and I let them run around outside for about ten minutes. They were in heaven! :)

I think my favorite is the rogue snowflake that is close to the lens, and with the flash casts a huge shadow on CW's face. And all the little snowflakes that gathered on B-10's freshly shaven head.

Then they came inside and took warm baths before Reading Time.

Sadly, the snow was gone this morning, melted into puddles all over the yard. At least I felt safe driving to work.

May you be blessed with your favorite weather this week, wherever you are.

~Lone Butterfly )i(