Let's just cut to the chase...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I could tell you lots of reasons why "Shooter" is an incredible movie, but in an effort to actually do real work today - I'll try to narrow it down to the Top Ten Things I Love.

1) Mark Wahlberg is hot - don't even try to deny it - you KNOW you loved Marky-Mark.

2) Kate Mara has good hair. I want her hair. I am coveting the hair. She's also the reason I am moving "We Are Marshalls" to the top of my Netflix list.

3) The script is awesome. The screenplay is based on the book Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter, who I will be researching further. I could seriously love this author. Great movies like this have to come from great books.

4) Three words: "Old Shooting Expert". When you take my advice and see the film, you'll know exactly who I am talking about (assuming you can keep from falling onto the floor, because you are laughing so hard).

5) Kentucky girls who do not sit around and wait to be saved. (Plus, they have good hair).

6) I saw it twice - the last movie I saw more than once involved a school called Hogwarts and a boy named Harry. I don't pay good money to see a movie more than once in the movie theatres.

7) Go to the official website and click on the Gallery page. (Everyone in this movie is fantastic.)

8) Imagine Mark Wahlberg (henceforth known as Bob Lee Swagger) - with him walking slowly - and things exploding in the background. THINGS EXPLODE, PEOPLE! THINGS EXPLODE! Not only do THINGS explode - but this is a SNIPER MOVIE... PEOPLE EXPLODE! (Oh my sweet dear baby Caterpillars, I do so love me some exploding people.)

9) This bears repeating - things blow UP! People get SHOT! This man is a highly trained SNIPER! I love military movies. I love movies with guns. I love movies with a plot. I love patrotic movies. This has all four!

10) Refer back to Reason Number One. Enough said.

~Lone Butterfly (who is currently watching the trailers on the website.)